Wednesday, January 20, 2021

New day ...

 As President and Mrs. Trump departed the White House's ground floor Diplomatic Reception Room door just after 7 a.m. (Iowa time) today, headed for the helicopter parked on the south lawn, a worker entered stage left carrying a stepladder and vanished behind the shrubbery, anxious I'd guess to begin the final tasks involved in de-Trumping America's house.

President and Dr. Biden will be moving in later in the day after the inauguration ceremony. It promises to be a great day.

We've learned a lot during the last four years about our country and its citizens, our families and our friends (some of them now former friends) thanks to our soon-to-be ex-president, an amoral little man with a talent for drawing forth the worst in people and gathering the worst around him.

Personally, I'm going to enjoy the day. But I'll never forget and I'll never forgive.


Brenda said...

I'm with you!

Uncle Kraig said...

You need a like button :) !