Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Well, boys, we told you so ...

U.S. Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Arizona)

It's been interesting to watch Republican U.S. senators during recent days --- Jeff Flake of Arizona and Bob Corker of Tennessee --- yell back over their shoulders to GOP colleagues as they prepare to march off the field into retirement. "You've got to do something about the current president," they say, more or less, while preparing to go home, sit on the veranda and do nothing in particular. 

"Before this becomes the new normal, I think we have to stand up and say this is not normal behavior," Flake told National Public Radio Tuesday as he prepared to sit down and leave the standing up to others. "And if we don't stand up now, we're going to lose that chance," he said just before sitting down.

The president certainly still has his supporters --- white nationalists, white evangelical Christians who have formed a messianic cult around him, and others.

But most Republicans have realized by now that magic thinking does not work --- the gentleman from Mar-a-Lago is not going to "grow into" the presidency. What they lack is the moral courage to do anything about it.

That includes the duplicitous demagogues in Iowa's Senate delegation, Grassley and Ernst. And of course U.S. Rep. Steve King, out there in tights twirling a baton and waving his neo-fascist flags proudly.

Those of us who voted for others can now say, "We told you so." But without any particular pleasure.

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Unknown said...

Beyond protests that are simply ignored, the public, the very people the Constitution says are truly in charge, can do little about this when their representatives don't represent them. This includes those who stand up to the Republican caucus, and then sit down never to be heard from again. No one wants to go to revolution as a way to answer the problems that hang over us. Everyone wants the system to work and clear itself of the problems we have in government, many of these problems are the same people who are now in charge of government and eliminating them is impossible when they control the means to do just that. The last time this happened it was only one person who was creating the massive problem and eventually McCarthy, good ole "tail gunner Joe" was exposed as the fraud he was and that ended that. Even in that, many people were harmed for the rest of their lives by the vilification campaign he lead to "expose" the Communists in government and everywhere else that he could. What will become of the many people as a result of these elected officials cutting off their support systems? Easy answer, they will die or we will revisit the scenes from the great depression with hordes of people living in the streets an along the roadways under bridges. To justify this by making a handful of people wealthier makes Marie Antoinette's answer, "Let them eat cake." when there was no bread to feed the poor. It seems somehow kind by comaparison, an we all know what became of her and her "kindness".