Thursday, June 30, 2016

Deep green

Lawns are looking parched around here these days, but that's because we keep them clipped to within an inch of their lives. Down at Pin Oak Marsh, there's no shortage of green and a variety of other colors --- although the palette still is muted now in early summer.

As water levels in the marsh ponds drop, yellow-blooming water primrose shoots out to cover any exposed shoreline.

Here and there along the ponds, buttonbush is in bloom right now --- one of the most interesting marsh plants and worth a closer look.

This clump of indian hemp was taller that I am.

But it's generally possible to look down upon milkweed.

I found fleabane.

And another white-bloomer whose name escapes me this morning.

And quite a few black eyed susans, providing you're willing to wade into the grass along the trail --- and the long stretch of dry days means you can do that right now with little danger of getting your feet wet in most areas.

The volume and variety of birds and birdsong was amazing late Wednesday evening. Other than the birds, I had the place to myself.

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