Sunday, March 13, 2016

Quality time with Lucas County Democrats

Well, that was the longest and most annoying Windows "update" in the history of humankind. But here's the update on Saturday's Lucas County Democratic Convention --- good crowd, good food and quality time among like-minded people.

We had in attendance, if I'm remembering correctly, 31 Hillary delegates and 17 Bernie delegates, all selected during county-wide caucuses a few weeks ago. No one showed any interest in jumping ship, so we sent delegates on to the April district convention, to be held at Washington, in that proportion --- two for Clinton and one for Sanders.

Here's Joan Amos calling the convention to order. That's John Amos at the top, pouring coffee for the Rev. Dale O'Connell.

The Rev. Fred Steinbach spoke briefly for Hillary.

Then Ev Brightman, also a Hillary delegate, spoke about a meeting at Simpson College four years ago with Mrs. Clinton when they reminisced about the late, great Bess Osenbaugh, a friend and associate of the Clintons both in Arkansas and Washington, D.C.

Ev mentioned Bess to Mrs. Clinton and she replied, "Oh yes, I remember navigating the car through Washington traffic with Bess in the passenger seat --- reading articles to me from the Chariton newspapers."

My (distant) cousin Ryan Mason, of Russell, spoke briefly, but eloquently, for Bernie --- then had to endure the attention of various cousins and former teachers as we figured out exactly who he was.

Voices were raised only when we were trying to be heard without a microphone during a brief discussion of platform grammar (not content). There were no demonstrations, no harsh words for minority groups, no physical confrontations --- other than in the buffet line: accidental contact when two reached for the same cookie at the same time.

All in all, it was a great way to spend a Saturday morning.

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