Sunday, October 26, 2014

Stalking the artists ...

After spending last week taking photos of entries in the annual Art Attack exhibit, I decided to annoy the artists on Saturday by stalking them instead at the Freight House during the Lucas County Arts Council's annual fall festival. There were many other artists involved in the show and sale, but with one exception --- involving a rabbit --- these are local folks.

That's Nash Cox at the top here with his work in the background. Nash, Teri Sue and the Brokeback Pickup are my neighbors and this was his first show. The Storie House staircase work, upper right, placed second in the adult division of juried Art Attack competition.

This also was Margarette Morr's first Art Attack/Art Festival exhibit. Margarette is on the right here and her sister, Suzanne Humphreys, at left. Her colorful works on wood with pyrographic elements remind me of fraktur --- and the piece at right placed third in juried competition.

Award for the wittiest exhibits probably should go to Lauri Ghormley and "The Death of Books," a riff on decline of the print media, especially pages bound between hard covers intended to be opened and read. Each assembly is skewered now and confined by antique door hardware and each has been shot --- bullet holes evident on covers and in many cases with bullets still lodged among pages. There's a coroner's tag attached to each assembly containing among other information date of birth and date and cause of death of the volumes --- homicide by shooting. That's Lauri's Book Club at center.

Other artists included the irrepressible Sara Speer Palmer, a retired Presbyterian pastor whose artistic achievements were no doubt predestined.

Steve Scott.

Russell's own Kathy Willits.

Susan Baer.

Meg Prange (Russell, again).

Chery Woolsey.

And here's Mary Parks of Pleasantville spinning from her patient angora rabbit, Joey. Who could resist that rabbit?

For the record, the senior division Art Attack winners announced Saturday were (from left) Susue Thurmond, first (she was not exhibiting at the Freight House), Margarette Morr (third) and Nash Cox (second).

In the junior division, Kayla Edwards (right) was awarded first place and Rachel Johnson (left), second. Emma Nelson's ceramic mask placed third, but Emma herself was elsewhere on Saturday afternoon when awards were presented.

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Whitney Hanson said...

I love these art stories. Awesome talent!