Monday, October 27, 2014

In the garden ...

We'll be skittering along on the fine edge of frost later in the week, but for the time being flowers still are blooming, grass is growing, leaves are falling and politician signs are sprouting all over town. Maybe I'll put some out today to annoy the neighbors.

At the museum late yesterday afternoon, the oaks were performing. These are pin oaks; the light was wrong for other varieties.

And the cabin, as always, was looking picturesque --- from any angle.

Down in the garden, Jim hasn't had the heart to clear away what's still growing --- mostly flowers now. So he's going to wait until after a black frost to clear and till.

There are mounds of marigolds.


And this is what broccoli looks like when allowed to go to seed.

Don't waste the day; winter will come soon enough.

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