Thursday, January 21, 2016

We've got politics to keep us warm

I went looking online for an Iowa Caucus cartoon this morning, and found this --- probably from an earlier caucus season. Funny, and not far off the mark.

I'll be glad when it's over. Heaven only knows to what degree all of that hot air has accelerated global warming in the Midwest or how many Facebook "friends" have been unfriended or otherwise silenced.

Of course I'll be attending my neighborhood Democratic caucus on Feb. 1 and of course I'll be caucusing for Hillary. Nothing against Bernie --- other than those political spots that have been preceding every YouTube video I wanted to watch undisturbed. Really annoying.

I believe I've only unfriended two people --- one for suggesting that the incumbent president should be killed, another for excessive cussing. Politics bring out the worst in people sometimes and you learn things about people you'd rather not have known.

On the other hand, I think everyone is entitled to aggravate their Facebook friends who hold opposing political views by posting something snarky --- twice a day at the most. Beyond that, it's overkill.

You're preaching to the choir --- not changing hearts and minds --- so don't push it too far. The rest of us are just yawning and scrolling on by.

And do check facts. I misattributed a statement to Donald Trump early in the season and was appropriately humiliated. He says quite enough verifiably absurd things to make it unnecessary to make things up.

There, I've gotten dig number one out of the way for the day.

It's been fairly cold in Iowa during January and all of that politicking has kept blood pressures up and blood circulating. Maybe that's good. Hopefully, the turn toward spring during February will make it unnecessary.

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