Saturday, October 17, 2015

Stalking the view ....

I was standing not far from here on the Red Haw trail Friday afternoon when a gust of wind rounded the bluff, rustled the canopy high above and sent a cascade of golden leaves down all around --- one of those modest peak experiences possible only this time of year.

This is what I call the redbud inlet --- an underplanting of that springtime favorite lines its shore, making it popular with tourists willing to leave their vehicles. Some of my favorite redbud photos have been taken here. But it's as lovely in the fall as in the spring.

The wind, growing a little chilly now with frost in the forecast, and an occasional bird, provided accompaniment --- along with the laughter of children playing in the campground at the top of the bluff.

There was a wood campfire burning up there, too --- a faint smell drifting along the trail.

The oaks are just beginning to turn out here now, but the sycamores are in full flame and it won't be long before their distinctive white trunks and branches are fully exposed.

Early muzzleloader season opens today, but if you'd rather stalk a view there should be no need for orange here, deep inside the state park.

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