Friday, October 16, 2015

Birds and bright colors ...

Exuberant eruptions of tiny warblers, the resident heron (disgruntled as the shoreline recedes this dry autumn), shorebirds, two gulls and flights of other waterfowl in the distance were there for company late Thursday along the marsh pond. The eagles were absent, however.

First frost is a possibility tonight, although not guaranteed. That makes the search for color seem more important. And it won't be long before most of these birds --- but not the eagles --- move along.

The pin oaks, from which Pin Oak Marsh takes its name, are just beginning to turn.

Vines along the trail are flaming out.

And bottle gentians continue to glow in the grass.

There were other things I probably should have been doing, but golly --- what if I'd missed this.

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Whitney Hanson said...

Love fall. Great pictures. :-)