Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Cemetery history on Facebook

I kind of inadvertently launched a Facebook page entitled "Chariton Cemetery History" over the weekend. Wasn't drunk at the time, just besotted with a page entitled Riverside Cemetery, devoted to the history of and current events at the big cemetery in Marshalltown. It's a great page that appears to be managed by someone on the cemetery staff.

The difference here is that "Chariton Cemetery History" is in no way affiliated with the owners of the cemetery, the city of Chariton, or its management and staff.

Plus Riverside Cemetery has a big pond, so there are ducks, geese and a swan to look at in addition to tombstones. Chariton Cemetery critters include deer, squirrels, an occasional groundhog and lots of humans who walk and run there --- but no waterfowl.

Having launched the page experimentally on Saturday afternoon, I realized in the cold light of Sunday dawn what I'd done --- and that I probably was a little over invested in the social media as it was. So I rushed downstairs to kill it. But by that time it had already been discovered and "liked" and so I decided what the heck, and left it up.

I've written a lot about cemetery history on The Lucas Countyan and will keep doing that, so this is for stuff that works best in shorter takes. In all likelihood, I'll recycle some material from the blog on Facebook. And I won't be posting every day. 

The commentary and "guest post" rules are these: No snark (this is going to be a site that Little Miss Mary Sunshine could endorse). If you'd like to "like" Chariton Cemetery History --- feel free.

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