Saturday, October 04, 2014

And how about that Homecoming parade?

I've got to say that Friday afternoon's Homecoming parade was about the best I've seen --- two bands, royalty, floats, lots of class reunion groups, honored citizens and, of course, fire trucks, rescue vehicles, big tractors, big trucks and lots of other stuff. 

And I didn't do it justice, but it was darned cold, too; I was cold, the camera was cold and I was operating under instructions to focus on four specific entries. But here are a few snapshots anyway

There was a color guard and the high school marching band, including ...

One very happy drummer.

Homecoming royalty.

Old Betsy, of course.

Lots of enthusiasm.

Lots of floats.

A wicked witch who was having issues with the wind.

The Class of 1964 (and several others).

Chamber/Main Street citizen of the year Christopher Watkins.

Chamber/Main Street humanitarian of the year Bonnie Stone.

Chamber/Main Street lifetime achievement honoree Mary Stierwalt.

Little St. Nick and Little Miss Merry Christmas 2013.

And bringing up the end, the most diminutive entry of all.

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Kathleen said...

I went to the assembly, but had to miss the parade. Really enjoy seeing these pictures. I heard it was one of the best.