Wednesday, September 03, 2014

The gold standard

Southern Iowa's prairie, pasture and roadside world has turned to gold in recent days --- and an attentive walk can do a lot to restore equilibrium.

Although there's confusion, too, among those of us who like to name everything. I have a time remembering which sunflower is which, for example, so there's uncertainty --- although not an unpleasant sort.

I'm reasonably sure those are Sawtooth Sunflowers at the top and Tall Coreopsis, not exactly a sunflower at all, blowing in Tuesday's breeze immediately above. One of my September goals --- perhaps the most important one --- is to get this all sorted out. I'll update as the days pass.

This, I'm fairly sure is Stiff Goldenrod. The goldenrods are a little less confusing.

And this, Tall Goldenrod.

I'm still more at ease among the purples and pinks right now --- and this may be the peak viewing week for Rough Blazing Star. Don't miss it.

And here's tiny Field Milkwort hiding among taller plants in a patch of sparse growth on thin soil.

Just checked out the morning news --- ISIS, Ebola and the continuing crisis in Ukraine. Humanity is a great disappointment; the prairie, never.

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