Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Ghosts, murder and naked people

"Destination America" keeps broadcasting the "A Haunting" episode that features alleged paranormal pranks at the big old house in Garden Grove generally known as the Stearns mansion. I know that because each airing generates a couple of blog comments and a spike of several hundred in viewership.

So far no one who has commented has been impressed by the tall tale --- even the most devout ghost-busters pronounce it an obvious hoax. 

So those looking to promote Decatur County tourism and pinning their hopes on the paranormal seem doomed to disappointment.


Personally, I prefer my television (viewed on a computer screen) to be more realistic, which is why it was gratifying to receive personalized notification from Netflix over the weekend that seasons 14 and 15 of Midsomer Murders had been added to the September lineup.

That's actually why I'm writing about Midsomer Murders rather than something more enlightening this morning. I watched the first episode of Season 14 rather than pulling my notes together. We've now moved into the Murders era when the Barnaby cousin has replaced reliable old Tom. Not quite the same, but still .... And I've actually seen most of these episodes before. It's just been a while.

It's been said that if all those dispatched during multiple Midsomer episodes actually had died, no one would now remain standing in England. The featured murder last night involved a young man skewered through the chest with a hand crank when the vintage automobile he was kneeling in front of attacked. How's that for believable realism?


Finally, there was a good deal of hooting and hollering over the weekend about leaked photos of naked celebrities whose naked forms I have no interest in looking at showing up online. I'm not sure why this is such a big deal.

One of the standing rules of 21st century life is --- if there are pictures of you naked out there someone will find them, post them and then hit, "share." I'm not sure why naked bodies are such a big deal, but they seem to be. The obvious solution, if you're not interested in flaunting, is to avoid cameras when naked.

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