Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Dodging bullets

Well, not really. But the fact center-fire rifles are allowed as a population-control measure (for deer, not people) in Lucas and several other southern Iowa counties during the January antlerless season causes hikers to pause for thought before setting out. Those rounds travel considerable distances with considerable velocity.

I started out here yesterday alongside the southernmost reaches of Shelton Marsh in perfect clear crisp snowy silence, then headed down the Cinder Path to see how far I'd get before deciding to turn back.

That decision was made for me here, about a mile and a half in, when firing started off to the west and it seemed like a good idea to high-tail it out of there, so I headed back.

The firing continued sporadically all the way back, so it most likely wasn't highpower anyway (or the shooters sure were wasting a lot of expensive ammunition). But better safe than shot.

Antlerless season ends Jan. 30, and I doubt I'll make it much farther than this before it does. Which is too bad because I'd really have liked to have seen what was going on a little farther in.

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Ed said...

It is a shame that hunting season and one of the best times to hike in the woods coincide.