Saturday, August 28, 2021

Bonnell, Hoy, Eisenhuth: Who were they?

Here's a genealogical puzzle for anyone interested in taking it on --- tracking down the "Bonnell," "Hoy" and "Eisenhuth" families mentioned in this record from the Lucas County Historical Society collection. 

The book that contains it was given to the society during 1967 by Everett (1897-1975) and Nina (1892-1978) Goltry, who had retired to the Goltry family farm northeast of Russell after distinguished careers. They married in 1936 after the death of his first wife, Nora Agan (1893-1934); none left descendants.

The book is identified in museum records as a Bible, but it's not that --- the fact that it's thick, the language is German and the opening pages contain a family record most likely confused whoever it was who first cataloged it. In addition, the title page is missing although the book itself is in good condition and the binding miraculously intact.

Instead, it's a copy of  German Lutheran theologian Johann Arndt's "Wahres Christentum" or "True Christianity." This was an extremely influential book in its time, sometimes considered one of the foundation stones of pietism because of its focus on Christ's life in his followers as opposed to the forensic approach of the Reformed movement --- Christ's death for his followers.

I was over confident when I sat down yesterday to figure out exactly who these people were --- and failed miserable. So here's your opportunity to sort it out.

Henry Hoy and Christena Eisenhuth was married January 25  in the year of our Lord 1824.

Thomas Bonnell and Catharene Eisenhuth was married August the 6th in the year of our Lord 1820.

Henry Hoy was Born December the 11th in the year of our Lord 1797.

Christena Eisenhuth was born March 21st in the year of our Lord 1806.

Thomas Bonnell was born December 14th in the year of our Lord 1784.

Susanna Brown, first wife of T.B., was born in the year of our Lord 1788.

Benjamin B. Bonnell was born April 22d A.D. 1812.

George H. Brown was born March the 10th A.D. 1821.

Susanna Bonnell was born March 2nd A.D. 1825.

Jackson Bonnell was born November the 3rd A.D. 1826.

Jeremiah Bonnell was born July the 30th A.D. 1828.

Lorenza Bonnell was born February 3rd A.D. 1831.


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