Sunday, May 23, 2021

Nature's sermon on Pentecost Sunday

I swiped this morning's illustration --- and quote --- from the Facebook feed of Jim Palmer, a recovering evangelical pastor best known for writing about his journey out of Christianity.

"We lost connection with the earth and sun and moon and stars, and then we constructed roofs and walls to meet with God. We traded in our deep intimate relationship with nature for bricks and mortar. We have left our first love. We search for the divine in books and buildings, unaware that the universe is calling our name through the rustling of the leaves and timeless moments between darkness and light."

Something to think about for those of us, now in the minority, who for one reason or another still attend church services regularly.

The sun is shining here on Pentecost Sunday for the first time in many days --- but services for the most part will take place in large rooms, some dim and others bright, where the view of the sun and all the natural world that it supports is blocked. Very odd that.

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