Monday, May 10, 2021

Chariton High School's Class of 1883

Chariton High School graduated its first class in 1878, but the concept of a publicly funded institution that offered education beyond the basic eight grades was slow to catch on. By 1883, class size had grown to 10 --- the young women shown here in a photograph from the Lucas County Historical Society collection.

High school rooms at the time were located in what was later was christened the Columbus School building. They were moved during 1901 into a new building, eventually named Alma Clay, that stood on part of the site of the current high school.

Commencement exercises were held on Friday evening, May 25, in the Mallory Opera Hall on the northwest corner of the square.

The graduates are identified on the back of the photograph, but it's not entirely clear in which order. As best I can figure it out the students are (standing from left) Augusta Householder, Rosa K. Freel and Nellie Hollinger; (second row) Fannie Cortelyou, Kate Marshall, Alice Rea and Ida Beem; and (front row) Mollie B. Freel, Mattie C. Blizzard and Laura Reeside.

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