Wednesday, April 07, 2021

Immunizations and salad bars

So I had my second Moderna vaccine shot yesterday, courtesy of Lucas County Public Health --- another efficient, friendly and painless process. 

The arm where the shot was administered is just a little sore this morning, but so far no other reaction. I'm told moderate reactions can occur during perhaps the first 48 hours after these shots, so we'll see. 

Public Health (641-774-4312) currently is taking the names of anyone age 16 or older, so there's really no excuse for not beginning the process --- other than sheer cussedness. The staff there also is prepared to answer questions.

From there, I went to the grocery store --- thinking I should pick up something prepared in case I didn't feel like cooking later. And discovered that the food service area was in the midst of a remodel.

That caused me to consider how much I miss good self-service salad bars --- these disappeared for very good reasons at Hy-Vee and elsewhere early in the pandemic.

And then I got to thinking about just how unsanitary nearly all self-service salad bars had been what with all that reaching and grabbing. This I suppose is another of those things we'll never feel quite the same about.

Do I plan to change behavior patterns now that I've had the second shot? Not really. It's still sanitize, socially distance, avoid herds of people and wear a mask when interacting with those outside my usual group.


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