Saturday, April 03, 2021

Eastertide ephemera ....

I pulled these items out of a file labeled "Ephemera" --- items not created in the expectation that they would survive more than a century --- at the museum yesterday. They date from a time when many exchanged Easter greeting cards, a practice less widely engaged in these days. But they're pretty and appropriate for the day.

The first card has a name on the back, "Mary," but nothing more.

The second postcard, probably intended for the same Mary, is addressed to "Miss Mary Thompson, Russell Iowa." I can't make out the date on the postmark. The message reads, "Dear Cousin: How are you? We have two months more of school. (signed) Jessie M."

You have to examine this card in person to appreciate it fully. The scene is printed on silk and the panel very slightly padded. 

The third card, donated by Miriam Hibbs, has the following inscription, "To Amos from Minnie. Remembrance card. Mar. 31st, 1907."

It's actually a cutout and in beautiful condition although delicate. It just looks like it might be part of a larger card here because of the way I scanned it.

So happy Easter! 

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