Saturday, April 24, 2021

A Viburnum variety, but which one ....

The question was asked  the other day during a stroll along the south side of the A.J. Stephens House, "Is that a snowball bush?"

And I said, "no," because my mind was full of images of larger shrubs with larger and more tissue-like blossom clusters that bloom a little later.

But the two are closely related, both members of the Viburnum family.

Now if I could just figure out which variety this lovely smallish bush is.

I flourishes in what for many plants would be hostile territory --- right up against a masonry wall in full sun in deplorable soil trapped between a sidewalk and the house. I blooms in early spring. It grows slowly. And it smells great.

Whatever it is, the historical society's retired chief gardener, Kay Brown, showed considerable wisdom when she planted it there.

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