Saturday, March 13, 2021

The Broadchurch and bacon cure

The first COVID-19 shot was administered just after lunch on Tuesday, so naturally I've been monitoring the social media since, looking at reports of vaccine aftershock. In the interests of reassuring other hypochondriacs just as I was reassured, here's my report.

First, there was mild soreness in my upper left arm that started about four hours after the shot, then disappeared by mid-morning the next day.

Late Thursday afternoon, an odd sort of mild general anxiety set in. I treated that with three back-to-back episodes of the British mystery series "Broadchurch" on Netflix and slept fine.

But awakened Friday morning feeling slightly feverish and a little flu-ish, so treated that with a long morning's nap and a four-course breakfast --- oatmeal, toast with orange marmalade, an orange and three slices of Hy-Vee bacon, baked. 

I'm convinced it was the bacon that did it --- by 1 p.m. I was feeling fine (and still am).

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Hawkeye Hammer said...

Sorry to but in but I stopped by due to the Broadhurst reference. Very good show. I won't tell you who done it. The British LOVE their crime dramas.

Similar with my shot, felt ok then a couple days after had a little headache and fatigue. Cheers!