Sunday, March 14, 2021

Springing forward with a degree of enthusiasm

Needless to say, I sprang forward an hour with alacrity at 2 a.m. today (or was it 3 a.m. since that's what 2 a.m. became in this odd annual rite of not quite spring?).

In the first place, I don't mind doing this. In the second, I'd not mind if we didn't. On another hand, I can't decide which I'd prefer if one or the other became permanent.

I found this handy map indicating where daylight saving time is used around the world (and where it isn't) at Wikipedia. Blue indicates regions in the northern hemisphere where daylight saving time is in use; orange, in the southern hemisphere; dark gray, areas where daylight saving time has never been used; and light gray, where the time shift has been in effect at times but not now.

The consensus in areas where the time shift is a twice-yearly rite seems to be that most would prefer if it didn't occur. But there's a considerable difference of opinion about which arrangement should become permanent. So it just goes on and on.

Just as a point of reference, even though relatively little international travel is happening these days, Europe won't shift from one to the other until March 28.

Whatever the case, it's now 7:13 a.m. and I'm already an hour behind.

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