Saturday, December 05, 2020

Zola Get Your Gun ...

I've been trying to figure out if Annie Oakley was the inspiration for this interesting pose by Miss Zola Taggart, taken I'm guessing about 1910. Although Annie had long since departed Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show (in 1901), she still was very much in the public eye.

Whatever the case, it's one of the more interesting photographs that's arrived recently at the Lucas County Historical Society.

Zola, daughter of Charles and Nancy Taggart, was born during 1894 in the neighborhood of Medora in southwest Warren County (Medora's still there, although reduced; look for it at the intersection of Highway 69 and County Road G76 midway between Indianola and Osceola).

Zola went on to marry Virl H. Edwards, raised a family and passed during October of 1967 (the Edwards are buried in Indianola).

The photo arrived with a collection related to the Crooks and allied families, but I don't think Zola was related; most likely just a friend of one of those families. It's a great shot, strong enough to stand on its own even if we didn't know who the subject was.

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