Sunday, December 06, 2020

"Thank You" from Pentatonix on Advent's 2nd Sunday

Pentatonix is best known for its a cappella work, but the group is no stranger to instrumentals, as is evident in this new piece, "Thank You," that I've been listening to (and watching via YouTube) on this morning of the second Sunday in Advent.

It's from a new album, "We Need a Little Christmas," title borrowed from a still-popular song of that name introduced during 1966 in Jerry Herman's Broadway musical, Mame.

You can buy the album, but the group's channel, located here, offers a whole range of free selections related to the season.

It's been a dark and distressing year on several fronts since Christmas last, but there still are causes for gratitude out there and looking for them is one point of this early December season of introspection and preparation.

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