Monday, November 23, 2020

When the shoe is on the other foot ....

Here's a link to an interesting piece from this morning's New York Times about an obvious factor in the current drive by the incumbent president and his merry band to hold onto the nation's highest office at any cost. A key sentence ---

"And, in a year in which the nation elected its first Black vice president, Senator Kamala Harris of California, the push represents a newly conspicuous phase of a decades-long effort by the Republican Party to expand power through the suppression of voters of color."

I doubt that the strategy has much of a future in a country that is increasingly diverse --- although a majority of (white) Iowans, who have difficulty adjusting to the presence of "the other," seems to have bought into it this year --- but it certainly will be a consideration into the foreseeable future.

In the long run, I expect, relatively inconsequential and largely rural states like Iowa will suffer as urban majorities gain power and figure out ways to disenfranchise us --- which seems only fair somehow.

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