Friday, November 27, 2020

Starting the day at Hall Hill Farm

Looking back, I see that I posted a link to Hall Hill Farm's Facebook page in July. Located in County Durham in far northeast England, this is a working farm operated by Ann Darlington and her brother, David Gibson, with Ann's son, Richard "Farmer Richard," as shepherd and public face via his almost-daily brief video updates.

Due to the miracle of time zones, these videos launch on Facebook in England as I'm arising in Iowa --- and they remain a good way to start the day in these troublesome times. 

In ordinary times, Hall Hill Farm has a thriving tourist business, too, within easy driving distance of Newcastle upon Tyne and the cathedral city of Durham.

This morning's video featured the Highland cattle, coming back to the home farm from winter pasture for pregnancy testing. Here's a link. My heart always has belonged to poultry, but cattle are close behind --- and the Highlands are a lovely breed.

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