Saturday, June 09, 2018

Four orphaned photographs ...

These four somewhat battered photographs are headed back into storage at the museum this weekend, but I thought I'd give others a chance to speculate about them before doing the deed.

Along with several others, now identified, they were recovered some years ago from the basement of a building on the Chariton square that was been prepared for sale. There may (or may not) be a connection to the Bates photographic studio, once located in that vicinity. Some are originals; others, obvious reproductions of older shots.

The paratrooper shot appears to be an original and may be related to a couple of other similar U.S. Air Force-related images in the same 16-inch by 20-inch format in the collection. We know nothing about those images either --- other than the fact they already were among the museum's "orphaned" images before this one arrived.

This 16-inch by 20-inch image appears to depict a camping area with a 1950s-1960s building in the foreground. 

This image of a pioneer family outside a log home obviously is a reproduction of an older photograph. But whose family is it?

And finally, here's the interior of a store but its staff. But was it on Chariton's square, or elsewhere. Who knows?

If you've got ideas, please share them in the comments section.

Some of these shots appear to have been part of a display, disassembled and then packed away. But I've no idea what the occasion might have been.

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