Thursday, December 28, 2017

Where oh where is Winifred Wilhite?

Or Bill Ashby, for that matter? 

I have one more short dose of First Baptist Church history to administer, but decided to take a break this morning and share this photograph from the Lucas County Historical Society collection, reportedly taken during 1951 --- but I don't know what the occasion was.

It looks like the preacher said "OK, everyone outside and line up on the front steps" after services one Sunday morning --- and everyone followed instructions.

It's next to impossible to identify everyone in a photograph of this scale, but a list of some of the people in it (in no apparent order) accompanies the photograph.

So we can be reasonably sure that the following people are among those photographed; where they're at is another issue. If interested in playing along with this game, you can enlarge the photo to see faces more clearly by right clicking on it and opening in a new window.

Darlene Willits, Reverend Peters, Mr. and Mrs. Chilton, Bill Ashby, Merle Ashby, Perry Sellers, Louise Sellers, Mose McDowell, Walter Armstrong, Mrs. Wilhite, Raymond Ambelang, Louise Ambelang, Dorothy Bonnett Ellis, Lura Reeves, Dwight Sellers, Dave Halferty, Alva Halferty, Dorothy Halferty, Glen Halferty, Mr. and Mrs. Sames, George Bonnett, Dwaine Enslow, Jenny Yocom, Dick Young, Hal Sanders, Marvin Gardner, Fred Taylor, Noel McKinley, Betty McKinley.

Lester Gray, Lucille Hamilton, Leta McDowell, Olen Medearis, Dora Mae Medearis, Wilma Johnson, Mildred Long, Maxine Randal, James Guthrie, (?) Anderson, Paul Loger, Mae Gasser, Mildred Sanders, Mrs. Reid, Mr. Hutchinson, Winifred Wilhite, Miland Tuttle, Dorothy Tuttle, Cecil Tuttle, Cora Andrews, Margaret Askren, Helen Armstrong, Tarvin Gookin, Mrs. Tarvin Gookin, Jeanine Thompson, Dorothy Guthrie, Janice Gentry, Mary Rowe, Barbara Willitts, Francis Halferty Deveta Halferty.

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