Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Turning the tables on Ev Brightman

The tables have turned --- and we're telling stories now about a consummate story-teller.

Ev Brightman could talk to anyone about anything for any length of time --- and frequently did. But I don't recall ever hearing an unkind word exit her mouth.

Some of her stories were scripted. She did love a good melodrama --- and the Chariton Valley Players.

And here she is as Lizzie Cripps during a recent Chariton Cemetery Heritage tour.

She also loved the Lucas County Fair, her french horn, summer community band concerts on the courthouse lawn and meetings of the Lucas County Genealogical Society.

Proud to be Presbyterian.

And a Democrat, make no mistake about it, working tirelessly for her party. When asked to make cold calls, most of us called for smelling salts. Ev grabbed the phone and got to work.

Never heard her complain.

Her family, more intimate friends, professional colleagues and clients will have other tales to tell, but these are some of mine --- and I'm sticking to them.

There's an old story about a busy woman approaching the end of life. Asked if she feared death, she replied "no," than added that she did, however, deplore the concept of eternal rest.

So for Ev, I hope, there will be lines to learn, performances to give, summer concerts on shady lawns and appreciative listeners when she sits down to tell a story.

Funeral services will be 10:30 a.m. on Friday at Fielding's.


Unknown said...

Lovely tribute to Ev. Thanks, Frank.

Martha Clothier Pieper said...

You did a fine job of capturing Ev.....her dedication and her spirit. Ev and I were the very best of friends thru grade school and high school, in fact....I practically lived at her house. We had so many after school activities that I stayed "in town" with her and her fabulously loving parents. Even as kids....she never had a bad word to say about anyone! She loved her family, friends, her horses, singing in our trio, her French horn, and play acting. Although we have been apart since high school....we talked by phone often and at length. Ev was my link to Chariton. I will miss her deeply. Thank you again for your article.

Anonymous said...

This is a wonderful tribute to Ev ! There are many of us with a story to tell, a fond memory to share, but this so eloquently captures her. Reading it with a smile.....