Monday, May 08, 2017

The death of Mikhail Shmaydiy

The name "Mikhail Shmaydiy" caught my eye this morning, as did the sad story on The Register web site of his death Saturday morning in Virginia as the result of a crash on Interstate 81. His 12-year-old son, Timothy, also was killed.

Chariton has been for some years at the heart of one of the larger settlements of Ukraine emigres in the United States, so a surname that sounds as if it might be Ukrainian that appears in an Iowa-related story always suggests that a Lucas Countyan might be involved.

And sadly, that was the case. Shmaydiy, 46, was a highly respected nurse affiliated until quite recently with Lucas County Health Center and its clinics. He died on National Nurses Day, May 6.

I remember him only from the years when my late father spent quite a bit of time in physician offices --- and in that hospital. But I spent some time this morning reading social media tributes posted by others and feel as if I know now a little more about him, his skills, compassion and talents not only as a professional but also as the father of seven.

The accident, which happened in Frederick County, was one of those senseless things --- the Shmaydiy vehicle was rear-ended by a semi whose driver has since been charged with reckless driving. No word yet about funeral arrangements or anything of that sort.

But I've been wondering just how many lives here have been impacted positively by this emigre  from another land and another culture who, a little unexpectedly, became one of us. Photo credit: Kara Milledge Rich.

As of Thursday, May 12, funeral arrangements are pending at Pierschbacher Funeral Home in Chariton. A GoFundMe account has been established here.


Unknown said...

I know Mikhail impacted more lives than we can imagine. He always had a smile, and he was one of the most knowledgeable, skilled nurses that I've ever worked with. The world's loss is heaven's gain.

Danelle Lejeune said...

He treated my daughter at LCHC. So kind and compassionate.

Anonymous said...