Tuesday, May 16, 2017

A dozen years of the "Lucas Countyan"

Most years, I overlook my own birthday. So it's not surprising that on May 4, the date of the first Lucas Countyan post back in 2005, the 12th anniversary of this blog slipped right by without notice, too. Despite the fact I'd made a (mental) note during April that a milestone was approaching.

It began as a venue for local and family history, mostly, at a time when online journaling was in the ascent. Since then, other social media --- Facebook, Twitter and more --- have waxed and blogging has waned. The former are fast and easy, consuming relatively little time; the latter requires more effort. I enjoy --- and sometimes curse --- them all.

For several years, the posts have come daily, almost without fail. Fail happens when I'm sick abed, which rarely happens, or cannot think of an excuse to avoid a very early appointment. This all takes time.

When done properly, feeding this beast is at least the equivalent of a half-time job. It's enjoyable, however. Occasionally, I rise without an idea in my head and throw something together. That's usually evident. On other occasions, days are needed to get something ready for publication.


"It's always been this bad," my dad --- not at all sentimental about the "good old days" --- used to tell folks who were lamenting the decline and fall of everything in general and rhapsodizing about how great it used to be. In general, I've found nothing while digging around in Lucas County's past to prove him wrong.

It's rewarding to discover that our ancestors had senses of humor, too --- one of the reasons I enjoy pioneer newspaper editor Dan M. Baker, despite all his flaws, so much. Love those murder mysteries, reports of mayhem, misbehavior and intrigue, too.


At some point, I started writing about other stuff, now and then, including politics and issues involving sexual orientation.

Political commentary in a public venue is a good deal like preaching to the choir; few hearts and minds are changed. But I do relish annoying the occasional political conservative who wanders in.

And I do think religious conservatives should fall on their knees and thank their gods for those of us who are gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, etc., etc. 

I continue to be an avid tourist in Christendom specifically and the world of religion in general. What in the world would Christian rightists, having reduced Jesus to a cipher and given up on saving souls, have to get fired up about were it not for us?


Whatever the case, the last 12 years have been fun --- and I really do this primarily to entertain myself. As long as the fun continues, I'll keep writing.


norm prince said...

A most pleasant twelfth anniversary wish to you and your blog. I find the time and effort you put in to the stories of the past most rewarding as well as your constant and uplifting tales of the folks of Lucas Co, past and most often those of the present. You are not only a great writer but also a fantastic rooter and booster for your town and county. And I feel the time you take to offer a message each day is worth many times more that those quick and generally meaningless offerings on the social sites. Your blog is part of the way I begin each of my days and having had the opportunity to have met you in person has added to the enjoyment; more like listening to a friend than a stranger.
peace - norm

Unknown said...

Congratulations, Frank! The Lucas Countyan is one of my favorite blogs. Thank you!