Monday, April 10, 2017

Chasing spring ...

My friend, Bill, chased spring the length of Missouri and into Arkansas last week, then --- booted off the freeway  by construction in Kansas City on the road home --- headed downtown to admire the Plaza tulips.

I did a little of the same thing late Sunday, chasing the season here and there around Chariton. Spring is not quite so advanced here --- Tulip Time in Pella, May 4-6 this year, is still weeks away.

But there's plenty to see, if you pay attention --- and you should be doing that. Just walk away from those digital devices and, for a time, stop obsessing about social media feeds and concentrate on the varieties of narcissus now in bloom.

All of these were found in the museum gardens.

Closer to home, I found this elaborate yellow tulip in a poorly tended bed just behind the house, holding on despite years of inattention.

And apple blossoms on one of the next-door neighbor's trees.

More early tulips were blooming in the museum garden.

And some grape hyacinth, too

Finally, this small flowering shrub. I don't know what it is. Remind me to ask Kay, whose handiwork the museum gardens for the most part are, the next time I see her.

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