Monday, August 15, 2016

The sunbeam effect ...

One of the curiosities of life is that some folks cheer you up just by being around --- no particular or extraordinary effort required.

That seems to be the case with the O'Donovan brothers, Gary and Paul, of Skibbereen, who earned a silver medal for Ireland in the men's lightweight double sculls rowing event in Rio de Janeiro over the weekend.

You've got to watch one or another of the brief post-victory interviews out there to appreciate exactly why, although they are chatterboxes and those of us accustomed to flat American accents may have minor challenges understanding exactly what's being said the first time around.

Follow this link, and you'll be able to watch their brief interview with Darragh Maloney and find links to other, earlier interviews. (My computer misbehaves when I try to enlarge some of these to full screen; if that happens just "escape" to the smaller size.)

It's Monday morning, so once you've watched the O'Donovan boys in action get out there and be a sunbeam yourself.

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