Monday, August 08, 2016

The mystery flower

I give up. After two days of off-and-on looking, the identity of this lovely little plant --- there are two blooming now on the museum grounds --- eludes me.

I've used every combination of search terms I could think of, looking for a name. Made a special trip  yesterday afternoon to see if I'd missed a label (chief gardener Kay usually identifies her plants). Then emergency-messaged Kay herself. She can't remember.

It's not something anyone has intentionally planted and has emerged in unlikely places --- a crack in a stone retaining wall; in an especially arid spot where only succulents thrive.

Ordinarily, I wouldn't devote an entire blog post to a single plant --- but this is a situation that's getting serious. Help!

Postscript: Jill Beebout and Suzann Seifert win the prizes (good will only --- sorry). It's variegated Euphorbia or Snow on the Mountain.

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Pat Powers said...

The leaf looks like maybe a hosta. My sister (by love) Gert Patterson knows hostas pretty well. Ask her if she knows what it is.