Wednesday, August 03, 2016

High times at the Derby Fair parade

This distinguished group of gentlemen, back about 1950, cast off their inhibitions --- and their clothes --- donned dresses and outlandish costumes, then marched bravely forward as a unit in the Derby Fair parade.

It probably wouldn't happen today --- especially the blackface. But those were different times.

A professional photographer seems to have been on hand and Dorothy Kendall, wife of a member of this merry band, saved a copy of the resulting glossy 8x10 and many years later donated it to the Lucas County Historical Society.

I wish I could date the photo precisely, but can't. I'm guessing about 1950 --- the last Derby Fair was held during 1953; after that, the Derby Fair became the Lucas County Fair and moved to new grounds in Chariton.

Dorothy did identify these gentlemen and I recognize some names here. How about you?

They are identified as, from left, Kenneth Sponsler, Eldon Airy, (?) Roe, Walter Shanks, Warren Mitchell, Dana Alexander, Darrell Swan ("a teacher"), Bob Hart, Kermit Kendall, Chester Ellis, Raymond Pirtle, Buster Sharp and Clair Throckmorton.

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