Friday, June 03, 2016

That tattered old roster ...

I'm kicking myself this morning because I waited until the last minute yesterday to take some quick snapshots of this big framed document --- a printed and hand-colored roster of Company G, 34th Iowa Volunteer Infantry, in the Lucas County Historical Society collection. But a couple of rosters for other Iowa units turned up this week on a history-related Facebook group that I'm a member of, The Forgotten Iowa Historical Society, and I was in a hurry to share.

It's in kind of tough shape, but when you consider that its survival is in itself something of a miracle --- that's kind of a minor point. These are big documents and unless framed at the outset and left undisturbed during the 150 years that followed the Civil War, damage was bound to occur. I'm guessing that a majority of these, not only for Company G but also other units, eventually were discarded.

The 34th's 10 companies were raise largely in Lucas, Warren, Decatur, Wayne, Marion and Clarke counties. While Lucas County was more heavily represented in Companies E, F and K, many also served in G.

These documents were labor-intensive products and the run for each unit probably did not exceed 100. The small oval portraits of regimental and company officers are not printed, but are original photographs cut into oval form and pasted in.

The regimental officers were (from left) Warren S. Dungan, of Chariton, lieutenant colonel; George W. Clark, of Indianola, colonel; and Racine D. Kellogg, of Garden Grove, major.

And the company officers (also from left) William Goltry, Cedar Township, 1st lieutenant; Stephen B. Low, Union Township, captain; and Milo L. Doty, of Chariton, 2nd lieutenant.

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