Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The courthouse world at Christmas, 1958

This is another of those stray photos that turned up recently while sorting a folder of miscellaneous items in the Lucas County Historical Society collection.

Dated December, 1958, and labeled "Lucas County employees," it is a snapshot taken in front of the courthouse Christmas tree in the first-floor hall of the courthouse, looking east from the base of the staircase leading to the second floor. Come December, that will have been 58 years ago. 

Identifications are written on the back, as follows. Recognize anyone?

Leila Conner, deputy clerk; Nora Johnston, Welfare Office; Ella Metz, recorder; Nadine Hobbs, Auditor's Office; Marvel Shore, deputy treasurer; Margaret Krutsinger, deputy auditor; Darlene Smith, deputy recorder; Rose Mary Sanders, Welfare Office; Helen Miller, Welfare Office; Margaret Cross, Treasurer's Office; Angie (?), Welfare Office; Joan Gale, Engineer's Office; Jack Caddy, Engineer's Office.

Bob Ashby, assessor; Stella Foster, Assessor's Office; Betty Norman, Sheriff's Office; Charles Prior, Engineer's Office; Leonard Haas, county superintendent; Clell Whitlatch, supervisor; Kenneth Shippee, supervisor; John Amos, treasurer; Earl Allen, supervisor; Gary Hawk, Engineer's Office; Ralph Pimm, Auditor; Wayne Swanson, Sheriff's Office; Vernon White, Sheriff's Office.

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