Friday, May 06, 2016

Glazing for the "Good Luck" window

Here's another update on one of my favorite projects in the current Facade Improvement Program under way in the Chariton Courthouse Square Historic District.

As you can see, the horseshoe window sashes have been lifted into place and installed --- among the final steps involved in returning this piece of 1883 architectural whimsy to its original look.

This is how the big window was glazed originally --- two-light arched side panels flanking three narrow double-hung conventional windows. The top, currently with a temporary fill, always was solid.

The white seems a little glaring against vintage brick, but that effect will change when the building's trim --- including window frames --- is repainted as the project continues.

Henry H. Day began planning this building shortly after a massive fire during December of 1882 took out the frame buildings that had filled the south end of the west side of the square. This structure was mostly complete by July 1883 and interior finishing work was commencing. The J.N. McCollough & Sons dry goods store moved in later that year. The building now is owned by Betty Hansen.

Here's how the window looked before restoration began:


norm prince said...

Thanks for the update on the window. It is just great this window will look like the original as best as possible as it is such a unusual design. And for the record it does return the face of the building to a more pleasing look. Three cheers again to the city and the merchants who are involved in the project.

Sonja said...

Oh I LOVE it with the windows now....I can't wait to see it this Summer when we come back to visit Chariton.