Sunday, May 01, 2016

Don't know 'bout God; do believe in George Strait

I'm a fan of country music --- honest. But it has to have steel guitars and fiddles in the background. So much of what plays on what passes for "country radio" these days is of limited appeal.

Although lyrics do grab attention now and then while driving down the road. Take these, from Love & Theft:

"No and I ain't afraid of dying,
But what scares me to death,
Is meeting Jesus
With whiskey on my breath."

There's a lot of drinking, meeting Jesus and longing for (heterosexual) sex out there on the "country" airwaves --- always has been. But somehow, someway, there used to be more class. And steel guitars and fiddles, too.

So yesterday, when my neighbor and her Kansas cousin started going back and forth about a newish country performer named Mo Pitney, I started listening (watching actually, YouTube clips). And frittered away even more of a day already spent mostly frittering.

Even went so far as looking this kind of goofy-looking guy up on Wikipedia, fount of all that's worth knowing, and found this line from a review of his debut single, "Country" --- "how good a simple country song sung by a man who believes in God and George Strait can feel."

Can't say nothing about God, but boy I sure do believe in George Strait. So I may be a fan of this guy, too.

There are lots of songs to listen to, but I figure you've really gotta love a guy who writes a country song about an old dog. So here it is, for Sunday morning:

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