Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Scenes from a pretty darned good caucus

Just a few photos this morning from last night's caucus for Democrats in Chariton's Precincts 1 and 2 --- a packed house at the Chariton Senior Center (a rural precinct was gathered in another of the center's rooms, but I neglected to get in there).

It was a great turn-out, credit to all who came, but especially to the organizers --- everything went smoothly, everyone was friendly and it was a great mix of younger and older (the food was great, too; I admired but didn't manage to get a bite of Sherry's giant Hillary cookie).

When results were in from across the county, Lucas County was solidly in Hillary's camp, 60 percent to 40 percent for Bernie. Chariton Precinct 1 gave 10 delegates to Clinton and 4 to Sanders; Precinct 2, 8 to Hillary and 5 to Sanders. 

Younger folks clearly favored Sanders --- and that's great. Statewide, Clinton seems to have had a slight edge over Bernie, but it was pretty much a dead heat. That keeps both candidates on their toes and it's wonderful to have two candidates, both of whom are bright, creative, experienced, positive --- and sane.

The Hillary campaign effort in Lucas County was extraordinarily well organized by all sorts of highly competent people and that certainly was a factor in her strong showing here.

Lucas County Republicans followed state-wide trends, giving Cruz 36 percent; Trump, 27 percent; and Rubio, 13 per cent; but were more solidly in the Cruz camp than the state as a whole. 

There are complaints sometimes about Iowa's caucus system, but it really is a sight to behold when you watch in work from the grassroots up. Not that we're going to be exactly sorry to see the spotlight turned elsewhere now --- you've got to have a little peace and quiet sometimes.

Now we can get back to worrying about the weather. The good news here --- it looks like we're going to dodge Snowmageddon almost entirely. Wind is banging at the house this morning --- but it's only rain! To the northwest. Well, good luck.

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