Monday, October 19, 2015

For the birds ...

Pardon the inadequacies of my little camera, but if you look carefully you'll be able to see that at least five of the "leaves" on this almost-barren tree along the marsh shoreline are poised to take flight.

Dozens of these little guys have been keeping me company on evening walks lately, tiny warblers that I can't identify, preparing I'm guessing to head father south before long.

Not actually keeping me company exactly, since I'm interrupting their meals while walking along. But from my end of things, it's company.

I usually walk out to the viewing platform at the end of the concrete trail first and, if they're there, exchange long and meaningful stares with the resident eagles.

They were parked companionably side by side when I got there late Sunday afternoon, but after we'd looked at each other for a time, one lifted off, flew a little closer and alighted on a stump where there was no room for the companion.

 We dodged frost for the most part here in the south of Iowa over the weekend and highs are headed back into the 70s today. Most of the state is covered by a "red flag" warning, which translates: be very careful with fire.

A few chances of showers later on during the week --- and we need them.

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