Sunday, October 18, 2015

Along the trail at Lake Ellis

I drove out to Lake Morris Saturday afternoon to see how the new memorial to Lyle H. Morris, its namesake, was doing --- and the answer is fine. But I'll wait to take a photo there until the woods that surround the lake are more colorful.

I counted five vehicles, two attached to boat trailers, in the parking lot --- and out on the water, several were aboard a flatboat, fishing. I don't fish, primarily because I'd have to clean and cook whatever I caught.

But I do walk, so backtracked a little to Lake Ellis to check out the lakeside trail there. 

The entrance to this trail is obscure --- unless you know the territory --- across a small bridge and into a small grove of oak southwest of the water treatment plant. Once across the bridge, this pretty little area was flooded with late afternoon light shining through early oak color.

A short distance onward, the trail twists out of the woods ...

... and the sky opens up again ...

... after passing under a final canopy of color.

I like to spend time with the giant cottonwoods a little farther along. These are wonderfully designed, towering trees --- that sing.

The leaves that remained on them were in fine voice thanks to a late afternoon breeze.

Just beyond, the trail and lake shore rejoin.

A series of bridges makes it possible to walk here with little effort --- including this one that twists, turns and heaves as it carries you across the water.

This is a trail well equipped with benches, designed for those of us who like to sit down occasionally, look and listen. I wish I'd had binoculars along because of the variety of birds, ranging from woodpeckers to warblers.

The scenery here is not especially dramatic, but it certainly is well designed for those who prefer to enjoy their fall color against a background of water.


norm prince said...

Great composition for your new cover photo. The cabin looks so peaceful and inviting.

Brenda said...

Can I live in that cabin? Your fall photos have been amazing!

Frank D. Myers said...

Considerable downsizing would be required!