Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The Ilion Party: Post 3 of 5

Thanks to all who have helped to identify some of the people in this series of vintage photographs, taken on the evening of April 13, 1955, during the Chariton Rotary's party at the Ilion, or Mallory's Castle. This was the last social event at the mansion before it was demolished although a general open house for the public was held on April 17.

There are 12 photos here this time --- two of them could have been eliminated, but in the interests of having a complete set I decided to include them (a shoe and unidentifiable backs). If you can identify any of the people here please do so in a comment to the blog post, on Facebook or in an e-mail directly to me. I'm adding identifications as they are made to the original posts.

Photo No. 21 (top): Gilbert Garton (left) looks on as unidentified woman adjusts Nettie Garton's hair. Rosamond Dunn is to the right of Nettie Garton. Joe Hixenbaugh, vice-president of Rotary at the time, is on the far right. (    ) Stuart may be the woman signing the guest book.

Photo No. 22: Gentlemen in the parlor. From left, Gilbert Garton, George R. Garton, Dr. Albert L. Yocom Jr., then beyond an unidentified man's back, D. Earl Combs and Noel Cloud.

Photo No. 23:  Joe Golliet behind Nettie Garton (center) as she prepares to ascend the stair.

Photo No. 24: Vintage footwear.

Photo No. 25: Unidentified woman.

Photo No. 26: In the dining room. Vera P. Johnson facing the camera with Curt Yocom and Russell Johnson in the background and Ruth and Everett Davis in the foreground.

Photo No. 27: Vera P. Johnson.

Photo No. 28: Nice hat, but no faces. Ruth Davis in the white blouse; Everett Davis, to the right.

Photo No. 29: Unidentified woman facing Nettie Garton. Note the elaborate rail of the main Ilion staircase in the background beyond the dining room door.

Photo No. 30: Iva and John Miley pose in front of the mantle in the southeast parlor.

Photo No. 31: Gentlemen discover the wine cellar: (from left) George R Garton, (     ) Hasselman and Noel Cloud.

Photo No. 32: Gentlemen examine a vintage undertaker's body transport basket.


Whitney Hanson said...

No. 27: Vera is my grandma. :-)

Nancy Baldridge Mortimore said...

I think #21 in the back is Rosamond Dunn and in the black dress, hair updo, is Nettie Garton. Signing is Mrs. Stuart? Back to camera...Gilbert Garton.
#22 George Garton
#23 Nettie Garton headed up the stairs.
#25 Not sure this is Jerry Hoxton. This person looks older than Jerry.
#29 Nettie Garton back, showing fancy hairdo.
#31 George Garton on the left.