Monday, June 22, 2015

The Ilion Party, Post 2 of 5

Here are 10 more photographs taken on the evening of April 13, 1955, during a Chariton Rotary party at the Ilion, also known as Mallory's Castle. The grand old house was torn down during the summer that followed and the Ilion Acres subdivision developed in its grounds.

If you recognize someone, please make an identification either as a comment to this blog post or on Facebook.

Photo No. 11 (top): John A. Neighbour (left) and others just outside the southwest parlor doors.

Photo No. 12: Vera P. and Russell Johnson in the dining room.

Photo No. 13: Posing in the southeast parlor with door into the library in the background are (from left) Margaret Stanton Larimer, Eleanor Ann Baldridge and two unidentified women standing in front of John Baldridge.

Photo No. 14: Curtis Yocom (left) and Russell Johnson in the dining room. Ruth Davis (perhaps) at left.

Photo No. 15: Ladies in the dining room.

Photo No. 16: Descending the stair with Eleanor Ann Baldridge in white on the right and Vera P. Johnson immediately in front of her.

Photo No. 17: Shirlie Yocom ducked behind someone else here, but you can admire her wonderful hat (she'll show up in another photo). Facing the camera (almost) is Ida Gustafson Johnson, mother of Russell and wife of David, who worked as a maid at the Ilion as a young girl.

Photo No. 18: Leo Hoegh was Iowa's governor during 1955, so he and Mary Louise were honored guests.

Photo No. 19: In the southeast parlor.

Photo No. 20: A less flattering photo of everyone concerned (from left): Leo Hoegh, John Baldridge and Mary Louise Hoegh.


Roberta said...

Hi Frank,
Photo number 14 I think the woman in the lower left is Ruth Davis, The black haired man is Dr. Dean Curtis.

Don Hixenbaugh said...

PHOTO 11 man red cravat. JOHN Neighbor
PHOTO 14 tall man Curt YOCUM

Anonymous said...

#14 Curt Yocum and Russell Johnson

Anonymous said...

#13 John Baldridge
#12 Russell and Vera Johnson

Martha vredenburg said...

I think the lady on the left in the blue dress is my mother, Ruth Vredenburg

Anonymous said...

Photo 14, definitely my mom, Ruth Davis.