Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Playing the weather map game

I've been obsessing about the weather map this morning --- shades of chilly blue for the most part from the Dakotas eastward. Brrr.

For the record, it's 1 degree here this morning --- and that's the predicted high for the day; minus-8 overnight. Plus winds that could gust to 30 mph., resulting in unspeakable wind chill factors.

Sometimes it cheers me up to check out places I've lived previously. Mason City? Minus-6 there with considerably more snow and stronger winds. Similar conditions at Thompson --- slightly colder than here, more snow, more wind.

In the Twin Cities --- a bench mark for frozen northlanders --- minus-eight this morning; similar forecast as elsewhere. Darn, it's cold!

Then I looked south --- nothing to get too excited about in Oklahoma, but by the time I'd reached San Antonio, Texas was looking better and better. Forty-five degrees there this morning with a high of 53 predicted.

Florida seems to be the place to be this morning. Sunny and 69 in Sarasota; 74 in Fort Myers. High of 78 predicted in Key West.

I think I'm going to go back upstairs, pull the covers over my head and think about a beach.

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