Friday, December 12, 2014

Windows on the square ...

It's beginning to look a lot like --- well, you know what. And several of those who tend to display windows around the square have made a special effort to create Christmas card material this year.

The greatest variety is at Lindy's Closet, with four windows to work with. Two of these have transportation themes, the bicycle at the top and the vintage baby carriage here.

Down the street, at II Pillars Cothing & Gifts, an old-fashioned dress form is dressed seasonally.

Piper's always looks like a post card --- and the Christmas season is no exception.

This frosty display is down the street a ways at Blong Chiropractic.

That was as far as I got last evening before turning around for a look at the courthouse. Maybe I'll make it farther around the square before the season's over.

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Grannie M said...

You are very correct, these would make very nice Christmas postcards. I like the lighted courthouse clocks above the gazebo. Piper's dress form is beautiful and the store front looks sweet as always. Kudos to the rest of the store fronts too! These windows are creative and fun to see.