Sunday, July 01, 2012

A little July 1st color

It's a little gray here this morning, but that's fine --- when the predicted high is in the 90s. Set-up for the big Independence Day celebration on the square is just beginning and that will advance as the temperature does, toward 98 (as it stands now) on the 4th.

The old J.B. Clow & Sons horse troughs, original equipment for more than a century at the courthouse and now incorporated into the veteran memorial area on the west side, are looking especially good this year all decked out in red, white and blue.

There actually are four of these troughs, presumably positioned on all four sides of the courthouse back in the day when everyone who did not arrive on foot did so on or pulled by horses. These two were returned to the courthouse lawn some years ago, the third is here at the museum and the fourth --- well, it's somewhere.

The only event on the square today is a 10 a.m. community church service, but the carnival and other attractions probably will start moving into place later today in order to be ready to open on Monday.


My computer  monitor, among the earliest of the flat screens, finally played out this morning. So posting here will be kind of scarce until I get that attended to. It's actually kind of relaxing!

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