Friday, August 05, 2011

Tending the garden

It’s one of those mornings when, if looking for comfort, it’s useful to remember that the sun still will rise (although it’s cloudy and damp here so we may not see it), the grass will grow and the flowers still are blooming --- unless you’re in a drought zone, but that, too, will pass.

The colors are fairly subtle around here right now --- milkweed pink, Queen Anne’s lace white and a few early asters --- but that will change as summer flames out.

Nature still works --- when not interfered with. The human element of it --- that outlook is clouded. We lose track of the fact we’re part of the process, no more exceptional than a butterfly, or a frog, despite the web of myth we weave around outselves. Just more destructive.

So the market tanked again, politicians continue to wrangle and the religious focus on praying against, rather than for, or so it seems.

Christian myth, hardly original, originates in a garden and includes the mandate to tend it --- and love the Creator. Down the road, Jesus came along to refine the mandates --- love one another, too (no exceptions), and tend to each other.

That fairly well sums it up --- love God, tend the garden and tend (lovingly) to one another. Simple stuff. No exceptions. Everything else is dross. But we just don’t seem to get that.

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