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Raising the flag to mark U.S. entry into World War I

Lucas County will mark the centennial of U.S. entry into World War I during a ceremony beginning at 8 a.m. Thursday at Veterans Memorial Park in Chariton. A commemorative centennial flag will be raised on the Veterans Flag Pole at that time, followed by coffee at the post home of Carl L. Caviness Post No. 102, American Legion, just south of the park. All are welcome to attend.

The anniversary is of special significance to the Legion post because it was organized after the war ended on Nov. 11, 1918, by returning World War I veterans who named it in honor of Caviness (left), the first Lucas Countyan to die in combat during the war. Caviness was shot to death by a sniper in France on May 20, 1918. The post charter is dated July 17, 1919.

A total of approximately 740 young men from Lucas County served during World War I. Of that number, 26 died. For Iowa as a whole, 114,000 served and 3,500 died.

For Americans, the war began on April 6, 1917, when the United States declared war on Germany. A declaration of war against the Austro-Hungarian Empire followed during December. Europe, however, had been engulfed in war since 1914.

The war ended with Armistice, which went into effect at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month --- Nov. 11, 1918, observed since that time as Veterans Day.


Of the 26 young Lucas County men who died while in service during World War I, eight were killed in combat or died of combat-related wounds; the remainder, of "Spanish flu," an epidemic that swept U.S. military units worldwide. Five died at Camp Dodge --- before leaving Iowa; six, at other military installations in the United States; seven, in France or en route.

Those who died in combat were buried hurriedly, some without benefit of formal rites, on battlefields near where they fell, but after the war, remains were recovered. Two of Lucas County's soldiers, Fred Culbertson and Oshea Strain, still are buried in France.

The remains of the remaining dozen were repatriated to Iowa and reburied in cemeteries in or near Lucas County, commencing with Pvt. William Pulley on 3 October 1920 in the Derby Cemetery and concluding with Pvt. Roy Tickel, buried in the Newbern Cemetery on 21 December 1921.

As a rule, Caviness Post Legionnaires met the returning remains of comrades at the C.B.&Q. depot, then escorted them to family homes or the Beardsley undertaking parlors on North Grand, where the high school stands now. A day or two later, Legionnaires gathered again to accord military honors during funeral services. Some of these services were open-air, held on the courthouse lawn in the presence of hundreds of mourners.


Here's a list of the 26 young men who died, compiled from a Legion record book now at the Lucas County Historical Society museum and other sources. The Legionnaires referred to these men as their "Gold Star Buddies."

BOWEN, Pvt. Gerald Atlee, Co. A, 168th Infantry Regiment, 84th Brigade, 42nd Infantry Division, age 26; son of Hiram Lincoln and Nina Olivia (Taylor) Bowen; born May 26, 1892, in Warren Township; killed in combat 23 September 1918 in the Argonne Forest just prior to the official start of the Meuse-Argonne Offensive; remains repatriated and buried in the Chariton Cemetery on 2 July 1921.

BURLEY, Pvt. John Chester, age 30; son of Silas W. and Laura (Ryun) Burley; born 3 May 1888 in Washington Township, Wayne County; died of influenza 12 October 1918, Camp Dodge, Iowa; buried 15 October 1918 in Freedom Cemetery.

CAIN, Pvt. Raymond S., Medical Department, Recruit Depot, Fort Logan, Colorado, age 23; son of Alfred L. and Martha E. (Smith) Cain; born 24 March 1894 near Newbern, Marion County; died 28 January 1918, of blood poisoning, at Fort Logan, Colorado; buried initially on 1 February 1918 at Spring Hill Cemetery, English Township; reinterred 9 August 1930, Chariton Cemetery.

CAVINESS, Pvt. Carl L, Co. E, 168th Infantry Regiment, 84th Brigade, 42nd Infantry Division, age 21; son of David M. and Minerva E. (Ballard) Caviness, husband of Ruth Cress; born May 6, 1896, in Lucas County; married Ruth Cress of Charles City 1 September 1917; killed by a sniper during combat in France on May 20, 1918, Lucas County's first World War I combat loss; remains repatriated and buried in the Chariton Cemetery on 5 June 1921.

CULBERTSON, Pvt. Fred Aurelius, 605th Engineer Regiment; son of James William and Hattie (Patterson) Culbertson; born 8 March 1895 three miles north of Chariton; a 1914 Chariton High School graduate; Died at sea of pneumonia en route to France 9 October 1918; buried Plot D, Row 20, Grave 36, Oise-Aisne American Cemetery, Fere-en-Tardenois, France.

DACHENBACH, Pvt. Joseph "Joe" Allen, Co. E, 129th Infantry Regiment, 33rd Infantry Division, age 22; son of Lincoln Grant and Florence Luella (Shore) Dachenbach; born 22 March 1896, Pleasant Township, Lucas County; killed in combat in France 3 October 1918; remains repatriated and buried in Zion Cemetery, Pleasant Township, on 25 September 1921.

DEAN, Pvt. Charles Foster, age 25; son of James T. and Mary E. (Brown) Dean; born 23 July 1893, near Melrose; died of influenza on 5 October 1918 aboard the U.S.S. President Grant en route to France; remains returned to the United States shortly thereafter and buried in the Russell Cemetery on 30 October 1918.

DUCKWORTH, Pvt. Donald Oliver, Co. 64, Depot Brigade 163, age 23; son of Andrew Oliver and Anna (Goltry) Duckworth; born 11 July 1895 near Russell; died 12 October 1918 of influenza at Camp Dodge, Iowa; buried 16 October 1918 at Bethel Cemetery.

GOOKIN, PFC Lawrence, wagoneer, 1st Infantry Division, age 33; son of Samuel A. and Lydia Ann (Russell) Gookin; born 4 May 1884 in Benton Township, Lucas County; died of pneumonia 21 February 1918, Nevers (Nievre department), France; remains repatriated and buried in the Chariton Cemetery on 2 January 1921. First Lucas Countyan to die overseas during the war.

HERNDON, Pvt. Earnest Elijah, Co. A, 118th Infantry Regiment, age 24; son of James H. and Elizabeth (Rodgers) Herndon; born 22 July 1894 in Lucas County and a graduate of Lucas High School, teacher in rural Lucas County schools; killed in combat on 10 October 1918 in France; remains repatriated and buried in the Woodburn Cemetery on 3 April 1921.

JOHNSON, Henry R., Battery F, 337th Field Artillery, age 26; son of August "Gust" L. and Helma (Johnson) Johnson; born in English Township on 15 September 1892; died in Gerzat, France, of complications from influenza on 18 October 1918; remains repatriated at buried in the Chariton Cemetery on 4 June 1921.

LOCKRIDGE, Pvt. Charles "Charley" Cecil, Co. H, 349th Infantry, age 28; son of Andrew and Rohema (Summers) Lockridge; born 21 June 1890 at Russell; died of pneumonia 18 April 1918 at Camp Bowie Base Hospital, Fort Worth, Texas; buried Russell Cemetery.

LYKINS, Pvt. Harry Walter, age 21; son of George W. and Lura Almeta (Mumford) Lykins; born 23 December 1896 near Oakley, Iowa; died 14 October 1918 of influenza in the base hospital at Fort Benjamin Harrison, Indianapolis; buried Newbern Cemetery.

McCOY, Pvt. Kenneth L., Co. F, 354th Infantry, 89th Division, age 22; son of John W. and Anna Jane (Bare) McCoy; born at Chariton 6 March 1896; died in France 26 October 1918 of wounds sustained 21 October in the Blentsville Forest sector, Argonne offensive; remains repatriated and buried after open-air services on the courthouse lawn on 11 September 1921 in the Chariton Cemetery.

NORMAN, Cpl. Montie Willard, 6th Field Artillery Regiment, age 28; son of Nels and and Mary Jane (Dunn) Norman, husband of Lois (Penick) Norman, father of Gail Arlene Norman; born 9 Dec 1890 in Chariton; served July 1918 through January 1919 in France; died of influenza 27 February 1919 at Newport News, Virginia, on the return trip to Camp Dodge, Iowa; buried Calvary Cemetery, Chariton.

OTZ, Pvt. Rudolph, Co. A, 325th Infantry Regiment, 82nd Infantry Division, age 26; son of Rudolph Sr. and Anna Otz; born 24 August 1892 in Des Moines, a resident of Lucas County for seven years before enlistment; shot dead by a German sniper in France on 28 October 1918; remains repatriated and buried in the New Virginia Cemetery during 1921

PULLEY, Pvt. William Barnett, unit unknown, age 24; son of Frank D. and Anna E. (Musgrave) Pulley; born 3 August 1894 in Warren Township, near Derby; died 17 October 1918, Base Hospital 101, Brest, France, of pneumonia; remains repatriated and buried in the Derby Cemetery on 3 October 1920. Pvt. Pulley's remains were the first repatriated to Lucas County after the war's end. William B. Pulley Post No. 343, Derby, was named in his honor.

ROUSE, Pvt. Stanley Homer, Co. 59, 15th Battalion, 163rd Depot Brigade, age 21; son of Franklin C. and Belle (Arnold) Rouse; born 14 January 1897 in Lincoln Township; died of influenza 15 October 1918 at Camp Dodge. Buried Oxford Cemetery.

RYUN, PFC Arnie, Co. M, 326th Infantry, age 26; son of James A. and Mary Louise (Shaffer) Ryun; husband of Essie Eunice (Hay) Ryun; father of Mary Louise Ryun; born 28 October 1892, Pekay, Mahaska County, Iowa; killed in combat 14 October 1918, St. Juvien, Argonne Forest, France; remains repatriated and buried, following an open-air service on the courthouse lawn in Chariton, on Sunday, 7 August 1921, at Sharon Cemetery in Wayne County.

SANDAHL, Pvt. Rudolph Elwood, Co. F, 139th Infantry, age 27; son of Mandus L. and Carrie O. (Johnson) Sandahl; born 3 March 1891, Creston, Union County, Iowa; killed in combat Sept. 26-30, 1918, near Exermont, France, during the Battle of Argonne Forest (there were no surviving witnesses to his death, thus the date is imprecise); remains repatriated and buried in the Chariton Cemetery on 16 October 1921.

STRAIN, Pvt. Oshea J., 360th Infantry Regiment, 90th Division. Born 5 December 1893, Chariton, Lucas County, Iowa (according to draft registration form), son of Elizabeth (Terril) Strain and (presumed) George R. Strain; died 10 August 1918 of disease in France (William W. Terril listed as next of kin; hometown listed as Oakley); buried Plot D, Row 11, Grave 22, St. Mihiel American Cemetery, Thiaucourt, France.

THOMAS, Pvt. Robert, Co. F, 349th Infantry, age 30; son of Charles and Georgia (Williams) Thomas, of Kansas (apparently estranged); born 11 February 1888 in Kansas; died of influenza 3 April 1918 at Camp Dodge; buried Chariton Cemetery (by Joseph S. and Etta Clark for whom he had been working as a farm hand).

TICKEL, Pvt. Roy Benjamin, Co. E, 59th Infantry, age 28; son of John and Luella (Hodson) Tickel; born 19 September 1890, Liberty Township, Lucas County; died of influenza 26 November 1918 in France; remains repatriated and buried in the Newbern Cemetery 21 December 1921.

VAN LOON, Vernon Logan, Co. C, 6th Regiment, United States Naval Reserve Forces, age 22; son of Gideon and Nellie Van Loon; born 24 February 1896 in Pleasant Township, Lucas County; died 20 September 1918 of influenza at the Great Lakes Naval Training Center; buried Oak Dale Cemetery, Cedar Township, Monroe County.

WEST, Pvt. Walter, 339th Co., Battery C, Field Artillery, age 23; son of John Rush and Eva L. (Prentiss) West; born 24 January 1895, Pleasant Township, Lucas County; died 2 February 1918, Camp Pike, Arkansas; buried 6 February 1918, Spring Hill Cemetery, English Township; reinterred 4 October 1938 in the Chariton Cemetery.

YOUTSEY, Sgt. Forrest Dean, Supply Company, 339th Field Artillery, 88th Division, age 25; son of Frank and Annie Belle (Hatcher) Youtsey; born 18 January 1893 near Chariton; died of influenza 28 March 1918, Camp Dodge; buried Chariton Cemetery.

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