Sunday, January 29, 2017

The (lunar) new year benevolence resolution ...

Dusted off the credit card yesterday and made a modest donation to the American Civil Liberties Union of Iowa in gratitude for the prompt and decisive action taken by ALCU lawyers in response to the madness of President Trump's anti-immigrant, anti-refugee and anti-Muslim executive orders.

This is part of a new year's resolution --- made on the lunar rather than solar new year: To give a modest (like millions of others, I live on a fixed income) amount weekly to organizations that will need progressives' support in the chaotic days that surely will follow.

Planned Parenthood of the Heartland is next. It's almost inevitable that the Iowa Legislature, now in Republican control, will halt the flow of state funds to that worthy organization this year, endangering programs that offer health care services to poor women, and others, who would not otherwise be able to afford them. Neither state nor federal funding supports abortion services.

In return for defunding, Republican lawmakers are pledging to add the affected services to those currently available through other state-funded programs. I think we all know that will not happen. Therefore, Planned Parenthood needs progressives' support.

Conservatives uncomfortable with Planned Parenthood can help, without donating, by keeping the feet of politicians to the fire and insisting that they carry through on their health-care promises.

And then OneIowa, our state's principal advocacy organization for LGBTQ rights. It's inevitable that Republicans will attempt to chip away at or sweep away hard-fought progress in this area. OneIowa needs our support, too.

I expect to donate, too, to the Southern Poverty Law Center and expect that other giving opportunities will occur as the weeks pass.

Join me?

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Charles Wright said...

I don't know what became of the comment I tried to post yesterday. I'll try again. Thanks, Frank, for the reminder to make my first 2017 contributions to ACLU and the Southern Poverty Law Center. My ACLU membership card shows I have been a member since 2004. I don't recall how long I have contributed to the SPLC but feel certain it has been longer than ten years. I would be pleased to learn that many Iowans are aware of the work of these two organizations to preserve the civil liberties and human rights of us all and contribute so their efforts can continue during these troublesome times.

Charles Wright